Electronic Lab Notebook Introduction - Leuven


This training is an introduction to the Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) implemented at VIB. This training is intended for all new VIB researchers and will teach you the basic knowledge required to successfully document in ELN. The training consists of two parts:

Introduction: Access​ ways to your notebook, ELN installation instructions and house rules, where to find documentation and get support

Hands-on-demo: Creating notebooks/experiments, importing and exporting (MS Office) files, sharing data, using templates, advanced searching, printing, tips and tricks


This training is mandatory for all new VIB co-workers and requires an active VIB account. In order to check your username and password, go to https://storefront.vib.be, if login fails send an e-mail to eln*Replace*With*At*Sign*vib.be. People who want to join this training can register here!
Note: we provide laptop with ELN installed for this training. If you bring your own laptop, please make sure you can connect to eduroam (WiFi) and you have ELN installed (Windows) or Citrix Receiver installed (MacOS).
Organized by VIB Bioinformatics Core | www.bits.vib.be | bits*Replace*With*At*Sign*vib.be


20 September 2018, from 9h30 to 11h30


O&N4 room 07.339
Campus Gasthuisberg
Herestraat 49
3000 Leuven


Christof De Bo

Registration start date:

30 July 2018 (9:00)

Registration end date:

16 September 2018 (20:00)