Analysis of metabolome data


This training will focus on the processing of raw data obtained via either Gas Chromatography- (GC) or Liquid Chromatography- (LC) mass spectrometry (MS). In addition, based on the comparative analysis between two sample sets (e.g. control vs treatment), the subsequent identification of differential metabolites will be introduced. Afterwards, the trainee should be able to perform independently a comparative analysis of raw metabolome data and to pinpoint the well-known metabolites in the chromatogram.   ​

Required skills

This training is intended for people who have a basic knowledge of R. Participants who have never worked with R should first follow the course Basic statistics in R


The morning session will handle differences affecting data handling between GC-MS and LC-MS. 
Hands-on experience with the R-based processing tools is reserved for the afternoon session. 

Organised by VIB Bioinformatics Core.​​​


15 January 2018, from 9h30 to 17h00


Technologiepark 21
9052 Ghent


Kris Morreel

Registration start date:

27 November 2017

Registration end date:

1 January 2018