A tour of machine learning - classification


This one-day workshop aims at transforming your keen interest into the workings of machine learning algorithms into practical knowledge on how to build accurate predictive models, mainly focussed on classification models.


Machine learning has become ubiquitous in biotechnology (as in many other fields), fueled largely by the increasing availability and amount of data. Learning algorithms can figure out how to perform important tasks by generalizing examples. Typical applications are diagnoses/prognoses, gene/protein annotation, drug design, image recognition, text mining and many others. However, building successful machine learning models requires a substantial amount of “black art” that is hard to find in textbooks. This course is an interactive Jupyter Notebook (Python) that will teach you how to build successful machine learning models. No background in machine learning is assumed, just a keen interest.


Models are build in the Python programming language​. If you want to register for this training send an email to janick.mathys*Replace*With*At*Sign*vib.be


  • ​What is learning by example ?
  • Feature engineering
  • Model training/optimization/evaluation
  • Current state of the art

​Software demonstrated

  • ok
  • Python Numpy/Pandas


26 January 2018 from 9h30 to 17h00


Technologiepark 21
9052 Ghent


Sven Degroeve
Registration is closed.

Registration start date:

27 November 2017

Registration end date:

9 January 2018 (10:00)