Backed by its research facilities and scientists, VIB offers a range of training courses in the life sciences for all (VIB and non-VIB!) doctoral and postdoctoral researchers.

The driving force for taking off now with this open cross-disciplinary training course is that in this 21st century it is our believe that it is no longer sufficient to stay in your lab and to stick to your discipline(s) of interest to become a topnotch scientist.

Rather you have to combine wet-lab activities with professional training in some additional scientific and so-called parascientific disciplines, and as such get a multi-disciplinary scholarship.

To secure that TRAINING AT VIB creates added value for a broad population of researchers, its content is well-balanced and has the flexibility to be personalized.

In practice, each individual researcher can select particularly what fits best with his/her future ambitions, either a research or management career in academia, industry or at government.

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Marijke Lein, HR Director

Joke Baute, Learning & Development Specialist
Geneviève Sachem, Training Assistent