Detailed application guidelines - Step 5


Fill in your educational background: first degree - second degree - PhD degree

Include a scanned copy of your PhD degree.

If you don't have your final PhD degree at the time of application, a copy of your diploma and additional certificates can be sent in later after graduation.  In that case, please indicate envisaged defense date and PhD title.


Please give a brief summary in tabular form of your additional training at university, college, etc. (i.e. after leaving high school).


Passing the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is not required but definitely a plus for your application.  If you passed these examinations, please indicate your scores below.


You will need to prove at least one original first author publication ( including joint authorship) either published in or accepted by an international peer- reviewed journal with high recognition in the field.

Please list all publications in which you were author.  In case of shared first / corresponding authorship, please use (*). For each publication please list all authors, journal, volume, page number, title, year. If you have accepted manuscripts please add them to the list. Submitted documents will not be taken into account.


Please list all patents on which you have been listed as inventor.  Publication numbers, titles, priority dates.


List any honors, scholarships, prizes and awards (if any) that you feel are relevant to this application.  Include dates and a brief description.


Please list your hobbies and social activities that are not directly related to your university degree (including e.g. membership of organizations, tutoring activities).


Please list the names, institutions and email addresses of 3 referees who have agreed to write a letter of recommendation on your behalf.  It is your responsibility to gather the recommendation letters on original letterhead of the institution and upload them together with your final submission. Reference letters on blank papers will not be accepted.


* Please follow carefully the guidelines related to word count / page length. 

1. Name of VIB group leader you have selected for your project topic

2. Title of your postdoc project

3. Keywords *(max 5)

4. Project summary *(max 2000 characters - spaces not included)

5. State-of-the-art * of your research topic(1 page max)

6. Objectives *(4 pages max)

7. Originality and innovative nature of the project *(1 page max)

8. Timeline *(3 pages max)

9. Why do you choose VIB as your host *(1/2 page)

10. Benefit of the mobility *(1/2 page)

11. Collect your VIB group leader signature on the final document before uploading it

After finalising your project proposal, please save the document as pdf titled "YOUR NAME - OMICS@VIB 2013". Use this title also as the footer on each page and add page numbers.

This program is cofinanced by the European Commission Marie Curie FP7 People Cofund.