How to apply for the VIB International PhD Program

Please follow carefully the different steps during the preparation stage and final submission stage of your application. Use English in all the documents.

Step 1 - Requirements


Step 2 - Select your projects

Select the projects of your interest from the list of research projects.

Step 3 - Download and complete the Application Form

Download the Application Form.
Complete the file according to the Application Guidelines.
Make sure all required paragraphs are completed. Save the document, titled “your-name–VIB-PhD-Program-2016”. 

Step 4 - Submit the Application Form and scans of degrees and certificates

Have a copy ready of your:
  • Completed Application Form
  • Bachelor degree
  • Masters degree (if applicable)
  • English language certificate (if applicable)
  • GRE certificate (if applicable)
  • Transcript of marks (academic records)

If possible, compile these documents in one PDF document.

Submit your application to: IPPapplications*Replace*With*At*Sign*

Step 5 - Collect recommendations

Download the Evaluation Letter. Contact two scientists/colleagues who can judge your potential as a PhD-student. Ask both of them to:

If possible, compile page 2 of the Evaluation Letter and your letter of recommendation in one PDF document.

The letters of recommendation are confidential and are an essential part of your application.
Please note that we will not be able to process your application without the letters of recommendation.