Admission requirements and conditions VIB International PhD Program

Before applying for a scholarship in the VIB International PhD Program, make sure you are eligible for the program. The admission requirements are listed below.


The VIB International PhD Program is aimed towards all non-Belgians, currently not living in Belgium

University degrees

Candidates should hold a university degree, or satisfy equivalent requirements, which is sufficient to start a doctoral program at a Flemish university. This means that applicants must hold a 5-year University degree, or equivalent, in life sciences (e.g. biology, biochemistry, biotechnology), physics, engineering, chemistry, or related fields. In general, this implies that the applicant has a Masters degree. Applicants, who have not yet received their degree at the time of the application deadline, can also apply, but a final certificate of the degree is needed no later than 2 months after the selection interviews.
Medical students who wish to obtain a PhD degree can also apply after completion of their MD exams.
Passing the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a plus (and you should definitely indicate on your application whether you took the GRE), but the test is not required for your application. Please note that VIB does not yet have a GRE Institutional code. If you take the GRE-test specifically to enter our Ph.D. Program, please use the GRE codes of either the University of Antwerp, Brussels, Leuven or Ghent. We will not reply to inquiries regarding the GRE.


Applicants are preferentially not older than 28 years at the application deadline.


English is used in all VIB laboratories for scientific communication. Therefore, candidates must have an excellent command of English. A language test for English, such as the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is not necessary for the application, but should you have TOEFL test results, please add these to your application. Please note that VIB does not yet have a TOEFL Institutional code. If you take the TOEFL-test specifically to enter our PhD Program, please use the TOEFL codes of either Ghent University, the KU Leuven, the University of Antwerp or the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. We will not reply to inquiries regarding the TOEFL.