VIB Genetic Service Facility, University of Antwerp (GSF)

ick and reliable sequencing and genotyping

Looking for long reads with low background? At the VIB Genetic Service Facility (GSF), your sequences are run on an Applied Biosystems 3730XL DNA Analyzer, the gold standard for high throughput genetic analysis.

In combination with the very sensitive ABI PRISM® BigDye™ Terminator cycle sequencing kits, you’ll get reliable results real quick.

• Pre- and post-processing is completed on a robotic platform of Biomek® FX and NX instruments.
• Dye-terminator removal using the Agencourt CleanSEQ system, a rapid, high performance process based on the Agencourt SPRI® technology.

Genotyping services: allele calling and genome-wide scans
We offer DNA genotyping services using state-of-the-art Sanger platform.

DNA Sequencing
DNA sequencing services using state-of-the-art highly automated platform.

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