VIB Compound Screening Facility (CSF)

• Assay development/automation/miniaturization
• Screening of in-house or custom compound or siRNA collections
• Automated liquid handling
• Range of detection technologies

If you are looking for screening of compound, peptide or siRNA libraries, then robust screening assays, high-quality screening libraries, advanced liquid handling systems and the availability of a range of detection technologies are the key to success. The VIB Compound Screening Facility (CSF) has built up considerable scientific expertise, equipment and resources to complete these tasks with fast and reliable results.


Services at the VIB-CSF include:

• Advising/assisting in assay development
• Screening and hit identification
• Follow-up experiments for hit characterization (dose-response studies, cytotoxicity analysis, structure-activity analysis (SAR), initial hit optimization)


Compound collections

The VIB-CSF compound collection amounts to a total of about 55,000 compounds acquired through ChemBridge Corporation, Life Chemicals, Enamine, NIH and MicroSource Discovery Systems.

siRNA library

The Human siGENOME/ON-TARGETplus SMARTpool siRNA library has been acquired from Dharmacon (Thermo Fisher Scientific).


Liquid handling and detection equipment

State-of-the-art liquid handling platforms and a range of plate reader-based detection technologies are available at the facility.

CSF Manager
Dominique Audenaert

VIB Compound Screening Facility, UGent (CSF)
UGent-VIB Research Building FSVM
Technologiepark 927
9052 GENT
phone: +32 9 331 38 40