VIB Proteomics Expertise Center (PEC)

Is detailed proteome analysis critical for your research? Originated at Ghent University, Belgium, VIB’s Proteomics Expertise Center (PEC) offers different proteome analysis platforms.


COFRADIC is typically applied to enrich for particular classes of peptides, with a strong emphasis on peptides that allow for so-called positional proteomics, such as N-terminal peptides. 

Other protein analysis services:

  • protein-protein interaction screens
  • differential proteome analysis
  • absolute and relative protein quantification in complex samples
  • phosphoproteomics
  • chemical proteomics to screen for protein partners of small molecules etc.
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VIB Proteomics Expertise Center, UGent (PEC)
VIB Dept. of Medical Protein Research 
Albert Baertsoenkaai 3
9000 GENT 
phone: +32 9 264 92 74