Technology Watch Team

Since 2008, VIB has a Technology Watch Team that is continually analyzing the potential of new, emerging technologies and, where appropriate, mediates access to these technologies. By expanding the network of technology suppliers, purchasing licenses and negotiating partnerships, the team facilitates privileged access for VIB scientists to these technologies.

The Technology Watch Team has over the years gathered a great deal of information about new and disruptive technologies that could be of importance to VIB scientists. Meanwhile, over a hundred of these technologies have been presented to all VIB scientists via VIB’s intranet. VIB researchers with a Ph.D. can obtain funds to use these disruptive technologies in their research by submitting a project application to the Technology Watch Team.

With the help of Technology Watch funds, new technologies are constantly finding their way into VIB labs, including technologies for individual human genome sequencing (Complete Genomics), bioinformatics (Real Time Genomics) and new generation DNA sequencing, as well as a broad range of visualization and proteomics technologies.


Halina Novak 
Life Sciences Technology Specialist
phone: +32 9 244 66 11