VIB BioImaging Core

High resolution, high quality bioimaging is expected to become increasingly important in frontline life science research. For this reason, the VIB Strategic Plan for 2012-2016 anticipates a major thrust over the coming years towards developing a state of the art imaging platform at VIB, with high end equipment and professional expertise.

This plan has been boosted by a generous grant of €3 M from the Flanders Government to VIB, to develop CLEM: Correlative Light Electron Microscopy. The CLEM grant enabled VIB to start up an institutional Bio Imaging core facility.

The VIB BioImaging Core is a dual site facility with platforms in Ghent and Leuven and serves both academic and industrial life sciences community.

The Ghent platform
travels in space and studies complete three-dimensional information on whole tissue samples.

The Leuven platform
travels in time and studies ‘very fast’ dynamic processes in single cells.


VIB Bio Image Library

The BioImaging Core also collects and manages pictures submitted by VIB scientists. By sending in pictures they stand a chance of winning a nice price.

Send your images and stand a chance of winning a price.