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The Leuven center owns a spinning disk confocal microscope and a Structured Illumination confocal Microscope (SIM), complementing the open access equipment. The spinning disk confocal microscope is a powerful tool for the rapid spatial and temporal imaging of living cells. It permits
imaging of living cells on the millisecond timescale to reveal intricate biological dynamics. SIM is a technique that can improve the resolution of a fluorescence light microscope by a factor of two in x, y and z.

In addition, the unit is equipped with high pressure freezing equipment for rapid transfer and freezing of samples, which allows a handshake between the Light Microscopy (LM) and the existing Electron Microscopy (EM) platform which consists of two high performance TEMs, a SEM and preparatory devices. With this new equipment the transition from LM to EM is easy and gives a complete picture of dynamic subcellular organization at nanometer resolution.

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Bio Imaging Core
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Mus musculus
Mouse embryonic fibroblast cell line is grown into a confluent cell layer.
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