VIB scientists overview


  • Patrizia Agostinis Lab

    ​“We are studying cell death and resistance pathways in tumors, how they impact the interface between cancer cells and stromal cells, modify the tumor microenvironment and anticancer therapy responses. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to combating cancer by translating molecular/cellular knowledge into therapeutic possibilities”​
  • Peter Carmeliet Lab

    • ERC group​
    • Vascular metabolism & (lymph)angiogenesis
    • Omics analysis of healthy and diseased human and mouse endothelial/vascular cells to understand and target metabolic pathways
    • Therapeutic anti-angiogenesis: tumor vessel normalization (TVN)
    • Endothelial cell metabolic target discovery and drug development
  • Bart De Strooper Lab

    • Basic mechanisms of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease
    • Secretases of the amyloid peptide
    • Intramembrane proteolysis as a signaling mechanism
  • Holger Gerhardt Lab

    • ERC group
    • Importance of tip cell biology in vascular patterning, tumour angiogenesis and ischemic disease


  • Ludo Van Den Bosch Lab

    • ​acute and chronic axonal and neuronal degeneration and regeneration
    • amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, hereditary motor neuropathy, frontotemporal dementia and stroke as a paradigm for acute neurodegeneration