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Triggered by difficult-to-solve biomedical and biological research questions, the Gevaert lab has a tradition in introducing novel technologies for studying the diverse aspects of proteomes by means of mass spectrometry. Besides performing rather routine proteome analyses such as differential proteomics and the analysis of protein complexes, we primarily focus on the comprehensive analysis of protein modifications such as phosphorylation, oxidation and ubiquitination. In fact, we master the enrichment of protein N-terminal peptides, which are the perfect reporters of protein processing events. In addition, these protein N-terminal peptides are the best proxies for co-translational events occurring on nascent protein chains at the ribosome exit tunnel. Over the past years, we studied the N-terminal acetyltransferases (NATs) involved in co-translational alpha-N-terminal protein acetylation in different model systems, including disease models. We characterized their specificities, identified several of their substrates, showed their spatial intracellular distribution and identified their partners. In addition, we were among the first to report the widespread use of alternative translation start codons, resulting in an ever increasing number of N-terminal proteoforms. In a recent study we demonstrated that such proteoforms originating from the same gene may show different cellular stabilities and are currently using other techniques to characterize the physiological functions such proteoforms may hold. More recently, we combined positional proteomics with ribosomal profiling and bioinformatics and stepped into the field of proteogenomics.

Kris Gevaert is the scientific advisor of VIB’s Proteomics Expertise Center ( Amongst others, novel and mature proteomic technologies developed by the Gevaert lab are made available to other researchers via this VIB core facility.


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It's Time for Some "Site"-Seeing: Novel Tools to Monitor the Ubiquitin Landscape in Arabidopsis thalianaWalton A* Stes E* Cybulski N Van Bel M Inigo S Nagels Durand A Timmerman E Heyman J Pauwels L De Veylder L Goossens A De Smet I Coppens F Goormachtig S* Gevaert K*PLANT CELL, 28, 6-16, 2016* or °: authors contributed equally
PINK1 loss-of-function mutations affect mitochondrial complex I activity via NdufA10 ubiquinone uncouplingMorais Epifânio Vanessa Haddad Dominik Craessaerts Katleen De Bock Pieter-Jan Swerts Jef Vilain Sven Aerts Liesbeth Overbergh Lut Grünewald A Seibler P Klein C. Gevaert Kris Verstreken Patrik De Strooper BartSCIENCE, 344, 203-7, 2014
Complementary positional proteomics for screening substrates of endo- and exoproteasesVan Damme Petra Staes An Bronsoms S Helsens Kenny Colaert Niklaas Timmerman Evy Aviles F. X Vandekerckhove Joël Gevaert KrisNATURE METHODS, 7, 512-5, 2010

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Ten Million Euro for Access to European Proteomics Facilities

12/01/2019 - The European Union has awarded 10 million euro to a consortium of eighteen European research groups in the field of mass spectrometry based proteomics research throughout Europe. Three VIB-UGent groups are actively involved in this project

Interesting news from VIB Medical Biotechnology Center UGent

29/07/2016 - The labs of Jan Tavernier, Kris Gevaert and Sven Eyckerman from the VIB Medical Biotechnology Center, UGent tackle some of the most fundamental life sciences questions in their research into the detection and analysis of protein-protein interaction.

New research adds additional layer of complexity to human protein landscape

26/02/2016 - In 2001, the entire human genome was decoded in an ambitious, collaborative project called the Human Genome Project.

Complementary partners VIB and ILVO join forces

15/01/2016 - On 15 January 2016, VIB and the Institute for Agriculture and Fisheries Research (ILVO) signed a strategic collaboration agreement.

Bacteria employ sabotage techniques in order to provoke infections

22/04/2010 - ​During an infection, pathogenic bacteria sabotage the machinery in the cells of patient. In this manner, they attempt to break down the resistance of the host.

Powerhouses in the cell dismantled

15/10/2009 - Kris Gevaert and colleagues have achieved a breakthrough in protein research. Using yeast, they have succeeded in making virtually the complete inventory of all the proteins in the mitochondria.

VIB director Prof. Joël Vandekerckhove (Ghent University) awarded Francqui Chair 2003 – 2004

08/03/2004 - Prof. Joël Vandekerckhove of Ghent University − a world authority in the field of protein research − has been awarded the prestigious Belgian Francqui Chair 2003 - 2004 by the University of Antwerp.

Kris Gevaert

Kris Gevaert

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​PhD: Univ. of Ghent, Ghent, Belgium, 2000
Postdoc.: Univ. of Ghent, Ghent, Belgium, 2000-2004
VIB Group leader since 2005
Acting Department Director 2010​-'16
Associate Department Director since 2014

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