VIB scientists overview


  • Ive De Smet Lab

    • ​unraveling phosphorylation-related signaling mechanisms associated with cell division and differentiation in plants
  • Dirk Inzé Lab

    • ERC group
    • molecular mechanisms regulating leaf organ size
    • systems biology of drought tolerance
    • computational approaches to elucidate plant growth
  • Thomas Jacobs Lab

    • ​Plant genome editing - Primarily with CRISPR/Cas
    • Development and optimization of genome editing reagents
  • Moritz Nowack Lab

    • ERC group
    • ​molecular control of the endosperm’s terminal differentiation steps
  • Mieke Van Lijsebettens Lab

    • ​genetic and epigenetic mechanisms determining growth in Arabidopsis, Brassica and maize
    • upstream signaling and downstream targets of chromatin-modifying complexes