VIB scientists overview


  • Nico Callewaert Lab

    • ​Synthetic biology of the eukaryotic secretory system
    • Novel concepts in biopharmaceuticals
    • Novel technology for discovery of molecular biomarkers of disease
    • Engineering the Mycobacterium-host interface for better vaccines and drugs
  • Johan Thevelein Lab

    • molecular genetics and biochemistry of nutrient sensing and signaling in yeast (S. cerevisiae)
    • polygenic analysis of complex yeast traits, in particular traits with commercial importance
    • development of superior industrial yeast strains for bioethanol production, beer brewing, bakery, wine production and other applications
  • Patrick Van Dijck Lab

    • trehalose metabolism​
    • nutrient sensing and signal transduction in Candida albicans
    • and trehalose metabolism and stress tolerance in plants
  • Kevin Verstrepen Lab

    • Evolutionary mechanisms underlying hyper-evolvable properties
    • Yeast genetics and epigenetics
    • Importance of tandem repeats as drivers of genetic change