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Research focus

Our research focuses on the biophysical properties of cell signaling, concerning both the dynamical changes over time and the spatial location of cell signals. To this aim, new methods to construct topographical maps of the cellular membrane and measure lipid and signaling molecules distributions are explored. Also novel ways to perform quantitative localization measurements are investigated. Recently spatial statistics is employed to link between observation and modeling. More in detail I investigate how cell membrane molecules are distributed and how their distribution changes over time. This is especially interesting as during development, aging and for the characterization of neurodegenerative diseases, where disease linked proteins get misrouted leading to the well-known pathologies. ​​​​

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Sebastian Munck

Sebastian Munck

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PhD: BioImaging Center Ludwig-Maximilians-University München, Germany 2003
Product Manager: Till Photonics, Germany, 2003-04
Postdoc: Medical University Innsbruck, Austria, 2004-06
VIB Staff Scientist 2006-2012
VIB Expert Technologist since 2013
Part-time Assistant Professor Fac. of Medicine as of October 2015​​​

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VIB Bioimaging CoreLeuvenO&NCampus GasthuisbergHerestraat 49, bus 602 3000 Leuven