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Biological structures and functions are generally accomplished by networks of short- and long-term molecular interactions. As a discipline, functional interactomics aims to map system-wide molecular interactions and analyze their function. Initially focused on protein-protein interactions, the field is rapidly expanding towards other interaction types, such as those between proteins and nucleic acids, or between proteins and metabolites.

A major part of our research is to develop and fine tune interactomics tools for plant research, and more specifically for the discovery of protein-protein interactions and interactions between proteins and nucleic acids. At the core of our technology lies affinity purification of macromolecular complexes. The advantage of this approach is that interactions are discovered in situ.
These tools are applied to gather knowledge on cell proliferation control in plants, and as such discover new approaches for the engineering of plant growth. Cell proliferation plays a key role in plant growth and development. The basic machinery controlling progression through the cell cycle has been studied and unraveled during the past two decades. However, the signaling pathways between growth regulators and cell cycle activation remain to a large extent elusive. Mapping and understanding this molecular network driving the activation of cell proliferation is our main research goal for the coming years.


GS(yellow), a Multifaceted Tag for Functional Protein Analysis in Monocot and Dicot PlantsBesbrugge N* Van Leene J* Eeckhout D Cannoot B Kulkarni S De Winne N Persiau G Van De Slijke E Bontinck M Aesaert S Impens F Gevaert K Van Damme D Van Lijsebettens M Inzé D Vandepoele K Nelissen H* De Jaeger G*PLANT PHYSIOLOGY, 177, 447-464, 2018* These authors contributed equally
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Dynamic Changes in ANGUSTIFOLIA3 Complex Composition Reveal a Growth Regulatory Mechanism in the Maize LeafNelissen H Eeckhout D Demuynck K Persiau G Walton A Van Bel M Vervoort M Candaele J De Block J Aesaert S Van Lijsebettens M Goormachtig S Vandepoele K Van Leene J Muszynski M Gevaert K Inzé D* De Jaeger G*PLANT CELL, 27, 1605-19, 2015* These authors contributed equally
The TPLATE Adaptor Complex Drives Clathrin-Mediated Endocytosis in PlantsGadeyne A* Sanchez-Rodriguez C* Vanneste S Di Rubbo S Zauber H Vanneste K Van Leene J De Winne N Eeckhout D Persiau G Van De Slijke E Cannoot B Vercruysse L Mayers J Adamowski M Kania U Ehrlich M Schweighofer A Ketelaar T Maere S Bednarek S Friml J Gevaert K Witters E Russinova E Persson S* De Jaeger G* Van Damme D*CELL, 156, 691-704, 2014* These authors contributed equally
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Novel component in pin recycling steers auxin-mediated development

18/07/2016 - ​At the VIB Department of Plant Systems Biology, UGent, scientists identified the ROTUNDA3 protein as a regulator of the protein phosphatase 2A-driven PIN-FORMED recycling

VIB and UGent researchers identify key mechanisms of cell division in plants

11/08/2010 - Scientists from VIB and Ghent University have developed a technology that may contribute to the increase of crop yields in agriculture.

Geert De Jaeger

Geert De Jaeger

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​PhD: Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium, 1997
VIB Group Leader since 2002

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