Bioinformatics Service Lab

Research focus

At the Bioinformatics Service Lab we focus on data analysis and interpretation of sequence data, specifically spatial and single-cell transcriptomics, at different stages of pathology.  The goal of our service is to bring data from a number of different sources together into a coherent spatial and temporal model of the progression of disease in the brain or a region of the brain.​


Hallmarks of Alzheimer's Disease in Stem-Cell-Derived Human Neurons Transplanted into Mouse BrainEspuny Camacho I* Arranz A* Fiers M Snellinx A Ando K Munck S Bonnefont J Lambot L Corthout N Omodho L Vanden Eynden E Radaelli E Tesseur I Wray S Ebneth A Hardy J Leroy K Brion J Vanderhaeghen P* De Strooper B*NEURON, 93, 1066-1081 e8, 2017* These authors contributed equally
Melanoma addiction to the long non-coding RNA SAMMSONLeucci E Vendramin R Spinazzi M Laurette P Fiers M Wouters J Radaelli E Eyckerman S Leonelli C Vanderheyden K Rogiers A Hermans E Baatsen P Aerts S Amant F Van Aelst S Van Den Oord J De Strooper B Davidson I Lafontaine D Gevaert K Vandesompele J Mestdagh P* Marine J*NATURE, 531, 518-22, 2016* These authors contributed equally
Multiplex enhancer-reporter assays uncover unsophisticated TP53 enhancer logicVerfaillie A, Svetlichnyy D, Imrichova H, Davie K, Fiers M, Kalender Atak Z, Hulselmans G, Christiaens V, Aerts SGENOME RESEARCH, 26, 882-95, 2016
FXR2P Exerts a Positive Translational Control and Is Required for the Activity-Dependent Increase of PSD95 ExpressionFernandez E, Li K, Rajan N, De Rubeis S, Fiers M, Smit A, Achsel T, Bagni CJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE, 35, 9402-8, 2015
iRegulon: From a Gene List to a Gene Regulatory Network Using Large Motif and Track CollectionsJanky R, Verfaillie A, Imrichová H, Van De Sande B, Standaert L, Christiaens V, Hulselmans G, Herten K, Naval Sanchez M, Potier D, Svetlichnyy D, Kalender Z, Fiers M, Marine J, Aerts SPLoS Computational Biology, 10, e1003731, 2014

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