VIB Center for the Biology of Disease, KU Leuven

Department Directors: Bart De Strooper and Patrik Verstreken

Our department's mission is to perform frontline research, addressing significant questions and key issues relevant to major human health challenges. We focus on basic molecular and cellular mechanisms and use the power of modern genetics and genomics as well as molecular, cellular and developmental biology. The department fosters and promotes excellence in research, with a strong trust in both the creativity of individual researchers and the benefit of synergistic interactions. The department aims to be an internationally visible centre of excellence, providing knowledge, expertise and training to the scientific community, students and medical industry. 

VIB Center for the Biology of Disease, KU Leuven

Department Director: Profs. De Strooper & Verstreken

Scientists & research:

  • Stein Aerts Lab
    Drosophila neurogenomics - cis-regulatory code - gene regulatory networks - single-cell transcriptomics - epigenomic landscapes
  • Wim Annaert Lab
    Alzheimer’s disease - congenital disorders of glycosylation - ER-Golgi/endosomal trafficking - APP - gamma-secretase
  • Claudia Bagni Lab
    mRNA localization - local protein synthesis - synaptic plasticity - spine dysmorphogenesis - fragile X Syndrome
  • Cédric Blanpain Lab
    development, stem cells, homeostasis, repair, cancer stem cells
  • Patrick Callaerts Lab
    Drosophila - behavior - development - genetics - aggression
  • Jan Cools Lab
    leukemia - oncogene - tyrosine kinase - therapy - drug screen
  • Bart De Strooper Lab
    Alzheimer’s disease - proteolytic enzymes and secretases - APP and presenilin - miRNA-intramembrane proteolysis - Parkinson disease
  • Joris de Wit Lab
    synapse, connectivity, circuit, cell adhesion, cognition
  • Rose Goodchild Lab
    dystonia, neurological disease, cell biology, nuclear envelope, sarcoglycan
  • Georg Halder Lab
    signaling pathway - cancer - Drosophila - 3-dimension
  • Bassem Hassan Lab
    brain - neural circuit - genetics - Drosophila - neuronal cell biology
  • Matthew Holt Lab
    Astrocyte - Neuron-Astrocyte Interactions - Neurophysiology-Neuropathology
  • Bio Imaging Lab
    microscopy, super-resolution-, live cell- imaging, image processing, bioImage informatics
  • Jean-Christophe Marine Lab
    molecular oncology - p53 - gene silencing (knock-out and knock-in) - retroviral gene transfer
  • Electron Microscopy Lab
    Electron microscopy - plasticity - connections - synapses
  • Anna Sablina Lab
    human cell transformation - functional genomics - cell signaling - protein phosphatase
  • Dietmar Schmucker Lab
    Drosophila - Xenopus tropicalis - neuronal wiring - growth cone signaling - axon branching - dendrite morphogenesis - central nervous system - regenerative medicine - innate immunity
  • Pierre Vanderhaeghen Lab
    brain development, neurogenesis, pluripotent stem cells, brain evolution
  • Patrik Verstreken Lab
    synapse - neurotransmitter release and endocytosis - Drosophila - mitochondria - imaging and electrophysiology
  • An Zwijsen Lab
    mouse embryo - stem cell - amnion - cardiovascular development -TGF/Smad


VIB Center for the Biology of Disease, KU Leuven
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