VIB Grand Challenges Program

The objective of the VIB Grand Challenges Program is to significantly increase the societal impact of VIB, hence taking its scientific leadership to the next level of global visibility, while keeping to its formula of success of a bottom-up, excellence driven institute. 

This program aims to structurally support translational and/or disruptive research programs around a specific ‘grand challenge’, with concrete objectives as proposed by VIB PIs, with as mandatory features:

  • impact in science and society on a global scale
  • trans-disciplinary by definition
  • multi-PI collaboration by necessity and
  • beyond VIB borders by default.

Projects within the Grand Challenges Program fit within the following thematic areas:

  1. innovative biomarkers: precision medicine will be improved by translating innovative molecular diagnostic paradigms into clinical practice
  2. innovative treatments: precision medicine will be improved by translating new insights in molecular mechanisms of disease into clinical practice
  3. targeted treatment strategies: disease that prove difficult to target with classic drug delivery technologies, can be addressed using innovative treatment strategies
  4. epidemic control: pathogen epidemics will be controlled of new molecular insights are translated to health and prevention policies
  5. sustainable agriculture: the sustainability of agriculture can be significantly improved by translating new molecular insights and technologies into practice.

These challenges fit within 3 of the sustainable development goals of the United Nations, more specifically:
Sustainable development.jpg  Sustainable development_2.jpg​ Sustainable development_3jpg.png

In 2017 the first call was launched, 3 projects were selected, and these will run from 2018 to 2022.
The 3 selected projects of 2018  are:

In 2019 these projects got selected:


 What is the Grand Challenges Program of VIB?