Working in a VIB start-up

7 June 2018

Sam Lievens – Principal Scientist at Orionis Biosciences
“After years of tweaking and validating our technology within VIB, it’s been a great experience scaling the platform to industrial level and seeing that there’s broad interest among potential biotech and pharma partners.”

Tibby Deckers – Lab Managerat
“It’s amazing how such a small team made up of people with different areas of expertise can come together and help build a well-running laboratory and greenhouse in a short amount of time.
It creates a unique atmosphere in the company.”

Jurgen Del Favero – Chief Technology Officer at Multiplicom/Agilent
“Translating academic research into commercial products that directly impact the lives of patients is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Achieving this together with a multidisciplinary, dedicated team is an unprecedented and addictive experience.”

Sabine Neirynck – Director of Laboratory Operations at ActoBio Therapeutics (former ActoGeniX)
“I am proud to have contributed from the start in developing Lactococcus as a delivery vehicle for human, animal and plant applications. This required a lot of patience, perseverance and a great team.”

Filip Claes – Senior Scientist at Aelin Therapeutics
”Helping set up Aelin Therapeutics allows me to do something new and exciting every day on every level imaginable, with the goal of making a real difference for the patient. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

Inge Van Daele – Product Development Manager at AgroSavfe
“It has always been a great experience to bring fundamental research results into practice through a spin-off company. Working in a young, dynamic environment like AgroSavfe is very challenging, but also exciting. Witnessing the company grow from four people to twenty-two motivated colleagues in 5 years is especially rewarding.”

Peter Casteels – Professional Expert, Technology at Ablynx
“The 15 years I’ve been with Ablynx has been a lot like mountaineering. We were in steep ascent mode, particularly during the first few years, and the small, energized and engaged team excelled at getting things done in good spirits and trust. That’s how something ‘Nano’ can become ‘Titan-ic’.

Antonella Masariè – Management Assistant at CropDesign
“Joining CropDesign was a very challenging experience. I became part of a hard-working team that believed the sky was the limit, and in which every member worked together towards one goal. It was, and still is, a very strong and positive feeling.”

Christine Labeur – Business Unit Director Drug Development and Manufacturing at Ardena at Pronota
“Building a new biotech company is an amazing and stimulating experience. The buzz, the dynamics of a
new team and creating value for a new technology: it all adds up to a unique momentum. Belgian Biotech
rocks! The biotech community is alive and kicking.”


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Sam Lievens                         Tibby Deckers

Jurgen Del Favero          Sabine Neirynck

Filip Claes                            Inge Van Daele

Peter Casteels               Antonella Masariè

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