Why VIB Cores are nicknamed 'technology centers of excellence'

20 March 2019
When I first visited VIB, I was deeply impressed with the wide availability of advanced technologies. Back then, I was living in the US, where I sometimes felt my work got stuck in first  gear. This was often due to the lack of or bad organization of core facilities available at the institution where I was employed. As a consequence, I didn’t have easy access to novel technologies.

Clearly, it was quite a contrast to the specialized equipment and services housed at VIB cores, which are fully adapted to the needs​ of the wider scientific community. And what’s more,VIB’s core researchers spare no effort to provide thorough advice in terms of technology and to obtain data of the highest quality. 

Ever since I began counting on the support of these ‘technology centers of excellence’, I’ve been exploring various technological avenues I might otherwise not have tried to pursue. That’s why implementing interdisciplinary technologies in my research feels comfortable now. Even more, it’s driving many of our scientific breakthroughs. The Tech Watch Program also greatly contributes to this: in scouting for ground-breaking technologies and bringing them to VIB labs, centers and cores, this initiative puts VIB scientists directly up front.

In this edition of VIBnews, you will explore the broad offer of VIB cores, which reach far beyond simply providing technological support. You’ll also gain insight into their histories and discover the newest de-risked technologies they make available.

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Gabriele Bergers