OSPP: Welcoming open science with open arms

19 November 2016
​VIB is a founding member of EU-Life, an alliance of top European life sciences research centers with the goal of supporting research excellence in Europe. EU-Life was recently appointed by the European Commission to represent research institutions on its new Open Science Policy Platform (OSPP), which aims to revolutionize European science by promoting Open Science policies and guidelines across domains, borders and research communities.

The purpose of Open Science? To make scientific information available to a wider inquiring audience, from professional scientists to amateur inquiring minds, for bigger impacts and broader reach.

Democratizing research accessibility
Michela Bertero will speak for EU-Life as an institutional stakeholder in the Open Science Policy Platform, EU Commissioner Moedas’ new high-level advisory group. This group was formed by the Commissioner to provide expert advice on policy actions needed to radically boost the quality and impact of European science via the promotion of Open Science – which is the movement to make scientific information available to the greater scientific community, from amateur to expert. OSPP will engage with the wider European science and research community and their member organizations to support the implementation of best practices and guidelines for Open Science.
5 topics, 8 work groups

The European Open Science Agenda will address five main topics. First, it will foster the inclusion of Open Science practices in educational programs and focus on guaranteeing the quality of Open Science. Second, it will seek to remove barriers to Open Science by creating incentives and awarding researchers for contributing to it. Next on the agenda is the mainstreaming of open access policies to research data and publications, which is related to the development of Open Science research infrastructures to improve data hosting, access and governance. Finally, the platform intends to embed Open Science into society as a socio-economic driver, making science responsive to societal and economic expectations.

At the same time that the OSPP panel was announced, EU member states also agreed on the ambitious new target of making all publicly-funded scientific papers freely available by 2020. During the next two years, 8 OSPP-steered working groups will be established to develop action plans around issues that must be addressed to meet Open Science objectives. Key topics include open science clouds, citizen science, research integrity, altmetrics and more.

“With the rise of the digital data era, an EU policy that concerns access to knowledge and data sharing is urgently required in order for European science to stay cutting-edge, while safeguarding opportunities to translate scientific results into economic growth. VIB is extremely pleased that EU-Life is represented on the Open Science Policy Platform.”
Lieve Ongena, VIB Senior Science Policy Manager