VIB concludes that Séralini study is not substantiated

8 October 2012

​On 19 September 2012, Gilles-Eric Séralini and his colleagues published a long term toxicity study that, in their opinion, revealed clear indications that the genetically modified crop NK 603 and the herbicide Roundup are dangerous to animal health. Media across the world picked up on this report and published disturbing photos of rats with enormous tumours. Scientists reacted with shock and immediately criticised the study. The scientific analysis in this document shows that the research design of Séralini et al. contained fundamental shortcomings that preclude any sensible conclusions from being drawn. In other words, the statements that Séralini made about the health effects of GMOs and Roundup were baseless. Moreover, the research shows signs of selective interpretation of the findings or a misleading representation of these, which is contrary to prevailing scientific ethical standards.

More information in the scientific analysis.

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