VIB Discovery Sciences

17 June 2019
At V-Bio Ventures we are constantly looking out for young, innovative companies in the life sciences area that develop solutions for high-demand unmet needs. When we find such a company, we provide support for the
further expansion of the company’s activities. As an early stage investor and company builder we also have the ambition to back talented scientists who seek to create exceptional companies.

Since the inception of V-Bio Ventures in 2015 we are closely working with VIB and, increasingly, also with the team of VIB Discovery Sciences. We knew from the start that VIB, with its huge pool of motivated and talented researchers, is the basis for excellent science and a great source for innovation. We now have come to realize that the team of VIB Discovery Sciences provides one of the bridges to bring that science closer to the market.

We have already worked with the VIB Discovery Sciences team in very different ways and are impressed by the flexibility and pragmatism they display, which is a necessity to collaborate successfully on such early stage
projects. A key success factor for early-stage translational projects is the capacity to get the relevant industry expertise at the table sooner rather than later. VIB Discovery Sciences’ ability to attract people with industry
experience combined with the possibility to finance some of the early discovery work is crucial to accelerate early stage research programs.

The VIB Discovery Sciences team members are highly focused on reaching pre-set goals, such as for instance developing an HTS assay based on a novel target or find lead molecules or antibodies that modulate a novel
target at predefined conditions. To find the best and fastest way to reach that goal they will either deploy their own expertise or collaborate with appropriately skilled external parties.

Enabling scientists through VIB Discovery Sciences to advance their projects beyond the stage of high-impact publications will allow more projects to be valorized. Value creation can take different forms, such as business development or new company creation. The latter option is V-Bio’s core business. The creation of a company, however, is not a simple process. For the creation of a new company backed by venture capital, whether provided by V-Bio Ventures or by others, several conditions need to be fulfilled. Key among those is the availability of sufficiently compelling proof-of-concept data obtained in relevant, validated industry-standard
models. This is precisely what VIB Discovery Sciences can contribute.

VIB and V-Bio Ventures are natural partners in this process. This collaboration has already yielded impressive and interesting results. A lot more is cooking and exiting news is to be expected. To be continued.

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 Willem Broekaert and Christina Takke
Managing Partners, V-Bio Ventures