The VIB Alumni Network

2 February 2018

VIB alumni are our ambassadors wherever they are in the world. Interconnecting those alumni helps to expand our links to labs and institutes worldwide, to provide role models for VIB scientists and to increase VIB’s visibility as a whole.  Our alumni represent a unique and growing group of individuals who are actively carrying the exceptional VIB experience into the wider community, whether in academic or industrial circles, commerce, government or education. 


More than four years ago, the VIB Alumni Network was launched. Our Alumni Group on LinkedIn currently has more than 900 members. Here are some reasons to join this group:
  1. Develop and Expand your Network
    Staying in touch with your former VIB 'family' offers you the invaluable chance to expand your network in the field of life sciences
  2. Stay Informed
    Networking events including extra attention to career opportunities, is one of biggest reasons to join. You will be the first to hear about fresh start-up companies, new initiatives, starting research groups and breakthrough research results.

    By joining the VIB Alumni Network, we will also keep you informed about the TRAINING AT VIB Courses and the VIB Conferences. For both events you will have the opportunity to get your seat at alumni reduced cost.
  3. Expand Your Skills
    Access to up-to-date funding databases, life science job databases and career services is essential, especially when you’re just starting out. VIB alumni can provide access to this information.
  4. Increase Your Degree Value
    It’s simple. According to several reporting agencies, alumni engagement is one of several qualities used to rank major universities. When you join VIB alumni, it helps increase VIB’s reputation. In turn, this makes your degree even more valuable!
  5. Attend the VIB New Year Reception
    Every year, you will be invited at the VIB New Year Reception, taking place in January in the city of Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent or Leuven. During the reception, a networking moment will be included especially for the VIB alumni and VIB postdocs. 


Every 3 months, the VIB Alumni e-Newsletter will be send to all members of the VIB Alumni Group on LinkedIn. This quarterly and electronical newsletter keeps you connected to the VIB community. It combines news from current VIB collaborators with information from VIB alumni.

In addition, VIB Alumni have the opportunity to also receive the VIBtimes. This quarterly and external newsletter will keep you posted on what is happening at VIB. If you are interested in a hard copy, please subscribe here. Please note that the hard copy of the VIBtimes will only be distributed in Belgium. In each edition, a VIB alumnus gets interviewed. Take a look at what Fabiola Osorio, an alumna of the VIB-UGent Center for Inflammation Research, has to say about her adventure(s) after VIB. Read the full article.


In only 20 years, VIB has become a household name within the international life sciences sector. To a large extent, we owe this to top-notch researchers who have made great strides in biotechnology and its related domains. That is why we launched the first VIB Alumni Award: to honor some great scientists who once worked for VIB. The nominations for the next Alumni Award will take place in 2018 and will be handed over in 2019.




If you would like to run or cycle in style, you have the opportunity to order VIB running or cycling gear at purchase price. Both ladies’ and men’s wear will be produced by Bioracer, a manufacturer of professional sports gear. Ordering deadline is February 23, 2018. 

If you have content or inspiration, or if you have questions, please contact Joke Baute (VIB-HQ).


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