The Ghent University and the Flemish Institute for Biotechnology conclude a strategic alliance with Eiland Zwijnaarde plc

21 August 2014
The ​Ghent University and the Flemish life sciences institute, VIB will co-operate in the development of a new industrial site for R&D companies on Eiland Zwijnaarde, fostering the establishment and growth of R&D intensive companies in the Ghent area, enabling the creation of 2.000 jobs in the Ghent Region.

The new 35 ha industrial estate Eiland Zwijnaarde is situated on a unique sight location next to the E40 motorway, at the vicinity of the existing Ghent University Science Park, and will be developed by Eiland Zwijnaarde plc together with Waterwegen en Zeekanaal NV. Eiland Zwijnaarde plc is a co-operation between Alinso plc, the Ghent urban development company (sogent), the Provincial Development Association (POM) and the Flemish investment company PMV.

Eiland Zwijnaarde