Successful microbes: Biotech Day 2019

20 October 2019

Despite the gloomy weather, Biotech Day 2019 was a great success. A large number of visitors enjoyed a range of presentations and activities that provided a glimpse into the marvelous world of microbes.

No sun? No problem!
Sunday, October 20th. 12u30. Dark skies. Stubborn veil of rain. And an estimated 4000 visitors for Biotech Day! Researchers and companies from all over Flanders gathered at campus Arenberg, Leuven to give the general public a (sometimes literal) taste of the power and relevance of microbes. 

The topics varied from beer and chocolate, over microscopic warfare, to new approaches for personal hygiene. Something for everyone.

Young and old
The visitors were as varied as the supplied topics and activities. Clearly, the interest in biotechnology is alive and well in Flanders. Both the many samples and the experimental brewery were popular. The presentations, long and short, attracted an auditorium-filling audience, and the escape room captivated the attention of young and old. Two hundred staff members and volunteers had their hands full. 

EOS collaborated with VIB to organize Biotech Glashelder, and a long podcast session entertained those in the waiting lines. Digital mementos (short movies, podcasts…) will appear online quickly, so keep your eyes and ears open.

The day clearly was a success.
Did you miss  Biotech Day? No worries, next year there’s another one. Sunday, October 25th we’d love to welcome you in Gent. Put it on your calendars. 

©VIB-Ine Dehandschutter