Speaking up for animal research

22 April 2017
​Post-truth politics: the case of animal research
Last November, the animal rights organization GAIA published an undercover movie at the VUB animal facilities. The images shocked many and elicited strong responses from the public and from policy makers. Despite the wide media attention, there was very little room for any scientific context. Why do we still use animals in biomedical research in 2017? What is allowed—and what isn’t—and how are researchers held accountable?

Animal research info point
Frustrated by the one-sided media representation, a handful of young researchers from within and outside of VIB got together and founded ‘Infopunt Proefdieronderzoek’ (Dutch for Animal Research Info Point). Through a web platform and social media presence, they aim to provide up-to-date and clear information on animal research. This initiative has already resulted in a dialogue with policy makers.

We need your help
Help us spread the word and support our cause by becoming a member and contribute or participate as much as your availability allows. www.infopuntproefdieronderzoek.be

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