Séralini study retracted by Food & Chemical Toxicology - consequence of normal scientific procedure

29 November 2013

​The scientific journal Food & Chemical Toxicology retracts the publication of Gilles-Eric Séralini and colleagues from September 2012 where they claim to reveal clear indications that the genetically modified crop NK 603 and the herbicide Roundup are dangerous to animal health. 

This is by no means a conspiracy or complot against Gilles-Eric Séralini. It is a consequence of the necessary work the scientific journal Food & Chemical Toxicology does to guard the correctness of the ‘scientific record’. It is the normal procedure that an article gets retracted out of scientific literature for this reason, as is the case with any other published article which appears to contain serious problems that can't be solved just like that.

Previously VIB already pointed at the serious content problems of the Séralini paper and stated that the conclusions of the study couldn't be verified. A thorough independent analysis has confirmed this once again.

Background report on Séralini's publication.