Safety at VIB, what does it mean?

22 September 2015

Safety has always been and will always be important in our labs. Everyone has his or her part of responsibility. Over the years, the organization of safety within VIB has developed and become more explicit.

There are now safety coordinators in all departments and in Leuven, there are additional safety antennas within every research group. At VIB headquarters, the safety staff is limited because we are embedded within the universities and university services already play their role. As the turnover within VIB is very high, the most important safety challenge is to keep bringing new people up to date with our safety policies and procedures. Depending on their experience and cultural background, new staff may need to do little to adapt or do quite a bit more. And existing staff sometimes needs to get rid of unfortunate habits. This is often just a matter of discipline. In that respect, everybody should conform more readily with the way research is performed in industry.

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