Now in e-book: format the GMO revolution

29 October 2016
Did you know that the very cradle of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is found in Belgium at the University of Ghent? No wonder our country, and VIB specifically, has always been one of the world’s pioneers in gene technology. Two years ago, Wim Grunewald (VIB IP manager) and Jo Bury (VIB Managing Director) wrote a book on how GMOs could be useful in solving current and future agricultural issues. And as of now, you can read the e-book on your tablet or e-reader for free.

In The GMO Revolution, Wim and Jo offer balanced and fact-based insights into how GM crops could be useful in making agriculture more sustainable, safe and productive. They give plenty of examples of pressing problems – and how to tackle them with GMOs ranging from potatoes that can protect themselves against late blight and trees that can be used in biofuel production, to vitamin-packed ’golden rice’ and wheat containing a safe form of gluten.

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