Nobel laureate Sir Richard Roberts asks European government leaders to support innovation in agricultural biotechnology

7 October 2016
Last week, Nobel laureate Sir Richard Roberts spoke at the European Parliament in Brussels about modern plant breeding technologies. Roberts condemns the current regulatory climate that acts as a barrier to innovation in agricultural biotechnology.

Sir Richard Roberts was awarded the 1993 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his discovery of the mechanism of gene-splicing. Following the publication of an open letter signed by the majority of living Nobel laureates to abandon the campaign against GM crops, Roberts upholds his ambition to support scientific advances. Last week, Roberts went to the European Parliament to call for leadership in embracing innovative breeding technologies in agriculture.

With the thousands of scientific studies that show that GM crops are as safe as any other breeding technology, Roberts regrets that regulatory processes in Europe stall agricultural innovation from reaching farmers and consumers. A huge number of scientists share his views on the unrealized potential of modern plant breeding technologies, with current European Union’s legislation that hinders agricultural innovation.

For more information, consult site and read the interview with Sir Richard Roberts on the EurActiv website.

European Parliament in Brussels