Neuron magazine features video about work by Patrik Verstreken on role ELP3 at the synapse

8 December 2011

In a video and a paper on the Neuron website, Patrik Verstreken and his team describe their finding that in addition to acetylating histones in the nucleus, the histone acetyl-transferase ELP3 plays a role at the synapse. It acetylates the active zone-associated protein Bruchpilot.

Lack of ELP3 leads to defects in active zone morphology and altered neurotransmitter release, which suggests that ELP3-dependent acetylation of Bruchpilot may be fundamental in maintaining the structural integrity of presynaptic densities and supporting neurotransmitter release. 


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Scientific publication:

ELP3 Controls Active Zone Morphology by Acetylating the ELKS Family Member Bruchpilot

Katarzyna Miśkiewicz et al, Neuron, 8 December 2011