King Baudouin Foundation published results of survey on research culture at Belgian universities

14 November 2017

The King Baudouin Foundation published the results of a survey on the research culture at Belgian universities. The title of the summary of the results reads “Driven by curiosity, but confronted with time pressure and paradoxes”.

In a press article in the newspaper De Tijd dedicated to the survey, Rector Caroline Pauwels of the VUB and Sophie Janssens, staff scientist at the VIB-UGent Center for Inflammation Research state that they recognize the tension described by the respondents to the survey. Scientists feel that there is competition and a pressure to publish and they worry that this may have a negative impact on the quality of the research.

In a theme issue of VIBnews of December 2013, we paid attention to these important issues and in the context of this survey we think it is good to refer back to this issue and repeat a number of its messages: “The best way to deal with pressure is to stay focused on the content and quality of the work. Proper coaching is also very important. Cutting corners in order to get a manuscript out may relieve some pressure but is not likely to take away all stress, and it certainly won’t make you happier since it will always have a negative impact in the long run. In the end, it is quality and relevance that make the difference.”

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