Interplay between universities and VIB

22 September 2015
VIB forms a joint-venture structure with its partner universities. Our departments and research groups are both vib and university and are physically integrated in the buildings of the university. It is therefore logical that the university safety policies fully apply to VIB.

VIB’s safety policies are supportive. VIB offers specific expertise and provides additional information and procedures, on condition that they do not counteract the university policies. Check out the VIB intranet under ‘Responsible VIB Research’ to see what we have available. The safety services of VIB and the universities have regular contact and do their best to coordinate their efforts.

Work-related accidents
Things are more separate regarding work-related accidents because a clear distinction is made between the legal responsibility of VIB and that of the university as an employer. This means that any work-related accidents concerning personnel on the VIB payroll will be dealt with by VIB and work-related accidents concerning personnel on the university payroll will be dealt with by the university. However, there will also be information exchange and coordination between the two whenever useful and necessary.