International recognition for Peter Carmeliet (VIB - KU Leuven)

8 June 2017
Prof. Peter Carmeliet of VIB-KU Leuven Center for Cancer Biology was appointed as an international member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences (KNAW). It is very exceptional that foreign researchers are allowed to join this network. A total of 26 new members were elected worldwide, only two of whom are non-Dutch scientists.

The KNAW has elected 26 new members in 2017. Members of the KNAW, distinguished scientists from all academic disciplines (from arts and physics to medicine) are elected on the basis of their high-quality scientific achievements. The KNAW has over five hundred members, and membership is for life.

Jo Bury (Managing Director VIB): "The KNAW is very careful about selecting its new members. Membership is awarded to only a few non-Dutch scientists. Their choice of Peter Carmeliet demonstrates once again how groundbreaking and significant Peter Carmeliet's work is. This is well-deserved recognition for a very special scientist of whom our institute is very proud.”

The KNAW on Peter Carmeliet
Peter Carmeliet is internationally renowned for his research into the growth and functioning of blood vessels. He has demonstrated, among other things, which signaling molecules play a role in the development of blood vessels. He has also researched the progress of vascular growth in tumors. Carmeliet’s research has resulted in a medicine that ensures that certain brain tumors in children are cut off from oxygen and nutrients. Other research by Prof. Carmeliet may lead to better treatment of the disease ALS.

Peter Carmeliet
©VIB-Ine Dehandschutter