Francqui Chair for Adrian Liston

15 December 2015

​Adrian Liston (VIB/KU Leuven) has been awarded the prestigious Belgian FrancquiChair 2015 - 2016 by the Free University of Brussels. Thanks to this fund, each year every Belgian university can have two visiting professors present a high-level series of lectures.

Adrian Liston: “The ULB is using the Francqui Chair to put immunology in the spotlight this year. Right now is a really exciting time to study the immune system; it interacts with every other system and we are seeing exciting new connections, such as a potential role in neurodegenerative diseases, a leading role in cutting-edge cancer therapies, and breakthroughs in the genetics of immune disorders.”

This is not the first Francqui Chair to be awarded to a VIB scientist.
Next to the Chair, Walter Fiers (VIB/UGent) , Désiré Collen (VIB/KU Leuven), Dirk Inzé (VIB/UGent), Peter Carmeliet (VIB/KU Leuven) and Bart Lambrecht (VIB/UGent) have also received the Francqui Prize. Other laureates of the Chair were Marc Van Montagu (VIB/UGent), Joël Vandekerckhove (VIB/UGent), Lode Wijns (VIB/Vrije Universiteit Brussel), Peter Vandenabeele (VIB/UGent) and Wim Robberecht (VIB/ KU Leuven).

Adrian was also invited to give a ‘Landsteiner Lecture’ at Sanquin in the Netherlands. They invite international leaders in the research field to give such a lecture and a master class for PhD students around ten times a year. The topics range from molecular biology to immunology or
transfusion medicine.

Adrian Liston