Ghent is getting ready for the cancer research of the future

26 October 2016

​Stepping up the fight against cancer by uniting more than 300 researchers and clinicians in one virtual institute? An ambitious feat, but Ghent is totally ready for it. Today the brand new Cancer Research Institute Ghent (CRIG) will be inaugurated.

In Belgium, one man in three and one woman in four is diagnosed with cancer before the age of 75. Ghent University (UGent), Ghent University Hospital (UZ Gent) and VIB have a strong history in cancer research. Over the years, several research teams acquired specific expertise and developed a very good international reputation, which has already led to new and better cancer treatments.

However, a lot of research activities and knowhow are currently scattered over different campuses, and the mechanisms underlying the onset and development of cancer are only partially unraveled. Hence, cancer researchers are facing great challenges in their quest for better and more specific treatments.

That’s why more than 300 cancer researchers and clinicians from different institutes decided to face the challenges in the treatment of cancer together by uniting in the Cancer Research Institute Ghent (CRIG). The focus of the new institute is mainly on top research that, in collaboration with the clinic and the industry, has to lead to longer and better survival of cancer patients. Because our ultimate goal is that in the future cancer becomes a treatable disease for everyone.

“CRIG is the perfect example of exploring new horizons and of conducting research that is relevant for society across the borders of the own institution.” prof. Anne De Paepe, Vice-Chancellor UGent

“We are all convinced that we should join forces to investigate cancer from a multidisciplinary point of view. Only in this way research will lead to groundbreaking insights that will make the difference for the patient.” prof. Jo Vandesompele, chairman CRIG steering committee

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