GenomeView wins 'Most Creative Visualization' Award

15 September 2011

​Thomas Abeel, VIB Department of Plant Systems Biology, UGent, is one of the winners in the first iDEA (Illumina’s Data Excellence Award) Challenge. At the iDEA conference in San Diego last June, GenomeView, the visualization tool he designed, was named the Most Creative Visualization among the academic submissions. It is not the first award bestowed on GenomeView. It has already won first prize in the ISMB Killer App Award 2010, which goes to the individual or team with a software tool or solution judged to be of the most practical benefit to biochemists and/or molecular biologists and is conferred at the annual ISMB conference. 
GenomeView, a next-generation stand-alone genome browser and editor, was first conceived in the Bioinformatics & Systems Biology group at VIB and is being further developed at the Broad Institute. It provides interactive visualization of sequences, annotation, multiple alignments, syntenic mappings, short read alignments and more. Many standard file formats are supported and new functionality can be added using a plug-in system.


This article featured in the VIBnews of 15 September 2011.