EU-LIFE, in the vanguard of open science

14 December 2017
Open science is here to stay, which is all the more reason to really get to the bottom of this paradigm. Much more than open access to publications or opening our labs to the public, open science is a total systemic change to how research is performed. The question is: are we prepared for it?

The answer is, as usual, not so straightforward. Open science is gradually gaining ground on different levels. While several individual researchers and/or labs are proactively engaging in open science practices, EU-LIFE (the alliance of top European life sciences research centers, see is pitching in as well. To support open science implementation in a meaningful manner, EU-LIFE is representing us at the European Open Science Platform (OSPP).

So far, the work being done is mainly at the policy level. Michela Bertero of the Spanish Centre for Genomic Regulation is doing a great job of representing the EU-LIFE institutes in the OSPP. Together with the European Commission, she is mapping out policies that take the realities, points of view and needs of researchers and institutions into account. At the same time, VIB is discussing and brainstorming with the other EU-LIFE members at the institute directors’ level. In this way, we are gradually establishing guidelines on how open science should or could be implemented in our organization.

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