ERC’s research funding is really ‘bottom up’

7 October 2019
On October 3rd, an ERC delegation including scientific officers, financial officers, communication personnel and data scientists visited the lab of ERC grantee Kevin Verstrepen to learn more about his work funded by the ERC grant YEASTMEMORY. In a short presentation Kevin intelligibly explained the project and its potential impact. During the visit to the brewery, everyone was offered a glass of Vlierbeek Grand Cru.

The visit was highly appreciated by all participants. ERC officers attained a better insight into the importance of basic research leading to (future) applications. They appreciated the importance of fundamental work leading to novel findings such as the ‘Yeast Memory Gene’ for which a patent was recently filed. During a Q&A session ERC officers leanrd more about the VIB-KULeuven interaction as well as about the importance of ERC funding for VIB as a whole. For VIB members it was interesting to learn about the concerns of ERC as a funder and how our researchers can address them. In addition, we learned the ERC AdG funding scheme is definitely not exclusive for senior researchers.  

It was nice to see that Janka Matrai, ERC scientific officer and VIB Alumna was fascinated and proud to briefly return to her alma mater. #VIB Alumni