D'Onofrio award for Max Mazzone

19 October 2015
Receiving the D’Onofrio award, which is conferred after you have been nominated, is a huge
recognition for the work of Max Mazzone (VIB Vesalius Research Center, KU Leuven). It is the first time that it is conferred to an Italian researcher working abroad and at such a young age.

Max: “This was really unexpected news. Pelicci (IEO Director), Di Fiore, Foiani (IFOM Directors), Vescovi (Director of the IRCSS San Giovanni Rotondo Medical Center and of the Rome CSS-Mendel Institute ), Cattaneo (now Senator in the Italian Parliament), Musacchio (currently Max Planck director at the Institute of Molecular Physiology in Dortmund), Stefano Piccolo are just some examples of important Italian scientists who received the D’Onofrio Award. Such recognition is a great honor, it gives me extra energy.”​

Max Mazzone
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