Cell sorting at VIB

16 April 2015

​High-performance cell sorters are a powerful tool for innovation in molecular biology, genetics,
physiology, and immunobiology. Cell sorting technology enables rapid separation of large numbers of specific cell populations with high purity, recovery, and yield, starting from single cell suspensions. A few years ago, the VIB Department of Plant Systems Biology and the VIB Inflammation Research Center invested in this technology. Two small cell sorting teams within the groups of Tom Beeckman (PSB) and Bart Lambrecht (IRC) were set up and collaborated intensively to optimize the in-house technology.

Gert Van Isterdael: “We were very successful and the experience gathered in cell sorting has assisted several scientific breakthroughs both within PSB and IRC and also external groups plugging into the VIB infrastructure benefited from this experience. In 2014 alone, Science published 2 papers on the use of our in-house cell sorting technology and another one was featured in Nature Immunology.”

This illustrates that access to centralized highend technology infrastructure is one of the key
advantages enabling scientific breakthroughs at VIB. Moreover, investing in in-house optimization further enhances VIB’s reputation as a center of excellence where the very best labs in the world can rely on the expertise of our specialists.​

From left to right: Simon Tavernier, Tom Beeckman, Gert Van Isterdael, Bart Lambrecht and Martijn Schuijs.

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