CambridgeSoft’s E-Notebook selected by VIB

11 March 2010
Ghent - CambridgeSoft today announces that VIB has selected CambridgeSoft’s E-Notebook for deployment to over 400 VIB researchers. This decision follows a successful pilot study carried out in 2009. E-Notebook, an application which facilitates research collaboration and knowledge management, will be rolled out during 2010 to VIB scientists active in many biotechnology research domains (genomics, plant biology, neurobiology, microbiology, etc) at four different universities in Flanders.
CambridgeSoft’s E-Notebook provides researchers an electronic laboratory management system using a centrally managed enterprise application. Scientists and technicians use E-Notebook to capture all of the data from laboratory experiments including MS Office documents, chemical and biological structures, images as well as analytical instrument output. E-Notebook data is securely stored and archived within an Oracle database infrastructure, which facilitates 21CFR part 11 compliance and provides intellectual property protection.
By introducing E-Notebook, VIB aims to replace the use of paper laboratory notebooks while simultaneously provide each research group the flexibility to adapt E-Notebook to their specific scientific needs.

“E-Notebook enables us to capture and store our research data in one common system across the VIB community, facilitating higher data standardization and more data exchange among our scientists” said Dr. Jo Bury, managing director of VIB. “Moreover, VIB scientists are able to search, compare and retrieve their digital data more easily. E-Notebook also increases efficiency as it reduces reporting time and avoids repetition of previously performed experiments.”
“We are pleased that VIB has chosen CambridgeSoft’s E-Notebook as their platform for research collaboration” said Michael G. Tomasic, President and CEO of CambridgeSoft. “We look forward to working closely with VIB to ensure E-Notebook will provide a foundation where VIB scientists can build and share knowledge to help the Institute’s main objective of gathering innovative basic knowledge and turning that knowledge into scientific breakthroughs and novel intellectual property.”


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