Baron Peter Carmeliet

22 October 2015

King Philippe of Belgium bestows the title of Baron on Peter Carmeliet (VIB Vesalius Research Center, KU Leuven). This royal title is an honor that attests to the formal recognition of the social relevance of Peter Carmeliet’s outstanding research.

“It is wonderful that the monarchy recognizes firstrate research and a policy of excellence, as well as their importance to the development of new therapies, and that it wishes to promote them in this manner,” said Peter Carmeliet. “It also confirms VIB’s strategic choice to focus on excellence (although this is not always evident and could be improved). This is a major acknowledgment of our entire group’s work. 

          "The fact that the honor is hardly ever bestowed on 
           researchers makes it even more unique."

                 Peter Carmeliet

The fact that the honor is hardly ever bestowed on researchers makes it even more unique. But at a moment like this, your first thought is obviously of all the relatives, friends, coworkers and institutions that gave you the support you needed to achieve all that you have achieved.”

Jo Bury, VIB’s Managing Director, responded as follows: “We at VIB are also very proud of the honor being done to Peter Carmeliet. It is an important recognition of his pioneering and exemplary societal role as an ambassador of science.”

Peter Carmeliet
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