Acknowledging the core of progress

15 July 2019
VIB invests strongly in core facilities that enable the life scientists to access the newest technologies. Beyond access, the core facilities’ staff ensures the presence of the know-how needed to operate these platforms. This combination of access and expertise often results in world-leading research which would not have been possible without dedicated core facilities. As such, VIB strongly supports the call (and need) for core facility acknowledgment.

Enabling discovery
The life sciences are increasingly dependent on the use of complex technology. As we probe deeper and deeper into the mysteries of life, we need better and better tools to do so. A dedicated network of core facilities is an efficient way to bring the latest technologies to researchers, which is also cost effective. This, in turn, allows them to forge a path ahead to new and potentially ground-breaking discoveries.

Science at the core
Operating a core facility requires an expert-level of scientific know-how, which is why the staff at such facilities is comprised out of top-notch expert technologists who seek to help their colleagues from across the institute. Even more, this core staff – given their insights and experience – can often contribute significantly to the research plans pursued by the teams who approach them for assistance in implementing core technologies.

Credit where credit is due
Geert Van Minnebruggen, head of VIB Cores: “Both the specialized equipment and services housed at the VIB cores are fully adapted to the needs of the wider scientific community and as such indispensable for the high-impact research VIB is renowned for. Expert staff dedicate themselves to further support the mission of science and scientists alike. More than that, they are an integral part of it. The relevance of core facilities must thus be acknowledged to ensure continued funding and operations.” 

It is no more than proper scientific conduct to acknowledge their contributions in whatever results that flow from the use of the technologies cores offer, and from the expertise of their staff. Crediting core facilities can be done in the acknowledgement section of a research paper, or via co-authorship of core staff members who have contributed significantly to the conception, design, and experiments of a study.

With our crew we fully defend the recent position paper from the Royal Microscopical Society that states clear guidelines for acknowledgments / co-authorships. We encourage recognition of core facilities and support that these guidelines should be implemented and respected. Read the RMS position paper.

For more about the VIB Core Facilities, check out VIB News March 2019.

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