Multiple Postdoctoral Positions


Multiple postdoctoral positions are available for a period of up to 4 years in the laboratory of Prof. Kodi Ravichandran (, as part of a new laboratory established within the Inflammation Research Center (IRC) in the Flanders Institute for Biotechnology (VIB) and Ghent University (from January 2017).

Prof. Ravichandran’s team in VIB will focus on the fundamental process of apoptotic cell clearance in healthy and disease states. This cell clearance process has several facets, including how a phagocyte senses a corpse in a tissue (find-me signals), how the corpse is recognized (eat-me signals) and internalized via specific phagocytic receptors, how the cargo contents are processed (via metabolomics), and how the apoptotic cell clearance process is anti-inflammatory (compared to other types of cell death).

Prof. Ravichandran’s laboratory addresses cell clearance via cutting edge cellular and molecular biology approaches, coupled with in vivo mouse models, disease models, and complementary ex vivo studies. 


  • ​The candidates should have a PhD degree in the field of biomedical sciences, with a strong publication record and scientific integrity
  • The candidates should be able to work independently and at the same time be a team-player, to initiate a productive new laboratory at VIB
  • The candidates should have excellent communication skills and a strong passion for life sciences
  • The candidates are expected to have strong hands-on experience in molecular and cell biology techniques, with working knowledge of cell death modalities
  • Practical experience with mouse models and/or RNAseq studies is a big plus

We offer

  • Multiple postdoctoral positions are available for a period of up to 4 years.

How to apply?

  • ​If you are interested in performing high quality science on cell clearance and inflammation in a new lab in a center of excellence, please use the online VIB application tool.
  • Make sure your application is a single pdf file, including a cover letter, your CV, a summary of past research, and the contact information of 3 references.

Creation date:

13 December 2016




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